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Equine Fusion

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Good news on the new product for your horse's tender feet. Equinen Fusion Jogging Shoes are perfect for a hard ride for a barefoot horse or for horses transitioning from iron shoes to bare feet.

Good News Equine Center is a holistic equine care center offering all services for your horse's health and athletic endeavors. We bring to you the tried and proven traditional medicines as the nature intended as well as the products of most advanced technologies. Owners of Good News Equine Center have been breeding, caring and training champions for over 20 years. We take great pride in our heritage and history, and nurture every horse to its maximum potential. We bring good news to all the horse owners about their horses' progress.
Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes are the savior if your horse's hooves are damaged by iron shoes and need some rest time or if your barefoot horse's feet simply do not conform to what most hoof boots manufacturer's parameters. Try Equine Fusion, the very first horse jogging shoes in the world. Flexible, elastic and durable, it adapts to your horse's hoof and offer the protection without losing the precious natural feel your horse needs to perform optimally.